Course Duration :

15-07-2022 to 15-07-2023

अस्मिन् वेदान्तदक्षताख्ये पाठ्यक्रमे सदानन्दाचार्यविरचितः वेदान्तसारः, भगवद्गीतायाः प्रथमद्वितीयाध्यायौ, तोटकाचार्यविरचितं तोटकाष्टकं, शङ्करभगवत्पादविरचितं दक्षिणामूर्त्यष्टकञ्चेति एते ग्रन्थाः पाथिताः वर्तन्ते।
पाठ्यक्रमे स्थितानां पाठानां स्पष्टावगमार्थं संस्कृतभाषाज्ञानं, काव्यादिपरिचयः (अथ वा संस्कृतदक्षता प्रथमद्वितीयभागयोः उत्तीर्नता) सामान्यरीत्या तर्कसङ्ग्रहज्ञानं, भाषान्तरे वेदान्तश्रवणाभ्यासः च अपेक्षितः।

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Q : What are the pre – requisites for joining Vedanta Dakshata?

A: To join Vedanta Dakshata one must be able to Understand something that is taught in Sanskrit. One must have studied sanskrit kavyams enough to do anvayas. One must have attended few vedanta discourses in any languages that they can understand. (Preferably Praveshika1, Praveshika2, Dakshata1 and Dakshata 2 courses conducted by The Madras Sanskrit College.)

2. Q : How many lessons / how many hours of videos are there in this course?

A: The course Vedanta Dakshata has 40+ lessons (20 hours approx.) covering 4 texts as follows:- (i) VedantaSara of Sadanandacharya taught by Dr. K.S.Maheswaran (ii) 1st & 2nd Adhyayas of Bhagavadgeetha taught by Sri P.R.Vasudevan (iii) Dakshinamurthy Ashtakam of Adi Shankaracharya taughtby Dr. Mani Dravid (iv) Thotakashtakam of Thotakacharya taught by Dr. Mani Dravid (all the texts are taught in sanskrit medium only)

3. Q: Is there an exam for this course and what are the details of that?

A: At the end of the last lesson, you can take an online exam where there will be 50+ multiple choice questions to be answered in 90 minutes.

4. Q: If I have doubts in the lessons how do I get them clarified?

A: You can post your doubts in Ask an Expert section to which a scholar from The Madras Sanskrit College will respond and give clarifications.

5. Q: If I have any technical issue whom will I contact?

A: You may post the issue in detail in Ask an Expert and a tech team from Madras Sanskrit College will respond / will contact you (if needed) and troubleshoot.

6. Q: Is there any post – lesson quiz or worksheets like Praveshika courses?

A: No.


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