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01-07-2022 to 30-06-2023

This course introduces the student to Sanskrit literature. At the end of the course, the student will develop the ability to study simple Sanskrit literature. He / she will experience sandhis and samasas in practice as they appear in Sanskrit poetry. The first part consists of subhashitani which is easier to understand for the student. Parts 2 and 3 will contain other works of poetry and drama from famous writers such as Kalidasa and Magha. Completion of all three parts will be equivalent to completing our on-site diploma course in Sanskrit
The course will be delivered in about 50 Shlokas of Neetishatakam will be taught in 50 lessons and the average duration for each lesson is around 12 minutes.
Recommended Background
Completion of Pravesikaa 2 preferred. Otherwise students must be conversant with Sanskrit
Suggested Reading
Soft copy of the course book will be provided. Which contains the material for all three parts.

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