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15-05-2022 to 15-05-2023

About course:
काणादं पाणिनीयञ्च सर्वशास्त्रोपकारकम् इति सुप्रसिद्धं वचनम् । तथा च इतरशास्त्रग्रन्थाःस्पष्टतया अवगन्तव्याः चेत्तर्कशास्त्रे प्रारम्भिकग्रन्थानां परिचयः अत्यन्तम् उपकारकः भवति इति अवगन्तुं शक्यते। तर्कशास्त्रे च प्रारम्भिकग्रन्थः कः इति चिन्तयामः चेत् तर्कसङ्ग्रहः इति ग्रन्थः विद्वज्जनानाम् अपि सम्मतः प्रथमविकल्परूपेण तर्कशास्त्रे प्रारम्भिकः प्रकरणग्रन्थः भवति। तस्मादेव मद्रपुरीसंस्कृतमहाविद्यालयः तर्कशास्त्रे इतरशास्त्राणां वा प्रवेशार्थं सर्वजनसौकर्याय अस्य तर्कसङ्ग्रहग्रन्थस्य जालपुटमाध्यमेन पाठनं करोति।
Dr. C. Hariharan, The Madras Sanskrit College
Total lessons:
30 (20mins/lesson avg)
Medium of instruction:
Course Duration:
10 hours (Approx)

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Tarka Sangraha?

Our online course Tarka Sangraha is based on ‘Tarka Sangraha’, a basic Nyaya text authored by Sri Annambhatta, the study of which gives foundational knowledge about the Nyaya Shastra.

2.What are the prerequisites to join the Tarka Sangraha course?

The medium of teaching is Sanskrit. Hence, the student should know Sanskrit enough to listen and understand. We recommend the student go through our Samskrta Pravesikaa 1 and Samskrta Pravesikaa 2 along with Samskrta Dakshata 1.

3. How are the lessons/ classes conducted for this course?

The student will have access to recorded lecture videos which he/she can watch at any convenient time just by logging in. Each lesson is followed by a quiz to test the student’s understanding of the lesson.

4. What if I have any doubts? How will I get them clarified?

You can your post your questions in the Ask An Expert section available in the menu on the left. Teachers of The Madras Sanskrit College will post a clarification as reply.

5. How long is the course?

The course consist of 30 lessons (averaging 20 mins/ lesson). The course can be completed in the student’s own pace.

6. How long will my subscription be active for this course?

The subscription of the Tarka Sangraha course will be active for one year. We feel that it is ample time for the student to watch the thirty lessons. During this time, each lesson can be viewed for as many times as one wishes.

7. Will study material be provided?

A soft copy of Annambhatta’s Tarka Sangraha will be provided in you Additional Resources section.

8. Will a certificate be provided at the completion of the course?

Yes, there will be a certificate provided by The Madras Sanskrit college that the student has completed the online course of Tarka Sangraha.


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